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Blog Artist in Residence @ Omega Institute

March 22nd 2015

a Photographic Inter-American Dialogue on Ecological Design. I will enter this book into the “Foreground: Fine Art for the Culturally Curious” competition for the best independently published photo book.

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Self as a Bridge

May 9th 2014

Shape-shifting with a stack of caps resting lightly atop,

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Costa Rica & Panama

January 19th 2013

That is just “IT,” continuously composting. IT is not that we put two items, such as Shame and Insecurity, and put them into an emotional compost pile, and then stop composting.. everyday we add more elements to be transformed into healthy soil for revitalized growth, just like we add our food scraps to a food-based compost system every day with our meals.

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The “Green Tea” Party

October 16th 2012

It is the radicals on both sides during the infant years of the new millennium that have the most in common, although they don’t know it yet. If only the Tea Party weren’t brainwashed into defending their abusers; and if only the Green Party were patient enough to truly explain to their perceived opponents in what way they are being misled and to convince them that they are voting against their own interests.

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